Oct 10, 2012

San Cristobal Gather

October 9th, 2012
We saddeled our hourses in the crisp morning air before sunrise to meet one of our program partner ranches for a day of gathering and sorting.  We arrived to our location just as the sun was rising, unloaded and bridled up for our gather.

Seriously God's country!

The brisk air rolled through the picture perfect landscape as we quietly gathered, alone with our thoughts and focused on our work.

Through canyons and cottenwoods.

Covering miles...

... and miles.

While a band of horses ran free with excitement.

In the pens cattle were sorted and everyone in their position.

While our newest four-legged instructor got to sort.

Job well done and time for rest.

While some continued sorting... 

... and weighing.

Every opportunity is taken to work young colts.

While boys will be boys ~ bulls bullying.

A view from the chute.

While a raven watches over the herd.

This band looks on as they soak up the sun.
Thank you Grant and Connie for a most pleasurable day of work ~ wouldn't have it any other way!