Oct 11, 2011

Army Ranger's First Day at the Ranch

As you know outside of our one-bed guest room, we here at Horses For Heroes -NM, Inc. Cowboy Up! do not have a bunkhouse to accommodate out of town veterans who wish to participate in our program, something we are working very hard to change (please think of attending our Cowboy Christmas Fundraiser on December 9th, check our website for details).
So when US Army Ranger, SFC Victor Birdseye, contacted us from the The Warrior Transition Unit in Fort Benning, GA to be part of our Cowboy Up! program alongside one of his battle buddies, we approached our Program Partner and neighbor Steve Price and Richard & Imogene Hughes to see if they wouldn't mind a one-time loan of their bunkhouse to keep these fine men so they could come to NM to participate in our program.
Steve, Imogene and Richard so graciously agreed to allow the young men to bunk in for the 10 day stay. Many thanks, words cannot express our gratitude!

Rick went early Monday morning down to Albuquerque to pick up the soldiers, upon arrival of the plane, Rick was greeted by Victor only, as his battle buddy was unable to make the trip out.

Together we have ten days for some serious Cowboy Therapy!

Tuesday, October 11th, 2011

A quick safety check before mounting.

Some pole work sith St. Jack. Great centered position, Nice!

One-on-one instruction with cowboy volunteer Joe.

Some exercises in balance.

Matt, also Army, prepares Duke for a posting trot, nice departure!

Time for a well deserved break!