Sep 11, 2010

September 11, 2010

BEYOND STRONG the theme for today's parachute jump and motivational speech by our good friend SFC Dana Bowman US Army Special Forces (ret.) - Golden Knights. Pictured Above: Streamers away! prior to Dana's jump into NM National Guard Armory. Below: Cowboy Up! Director Rick Iannucci using his Special Forces skills to set up the DZ (drop zone).

Above: Right on Target! Dana executes a perfect landing flying the Purple Heart parachute. Below: Cowboy Up! participants and staff pose with Dana following his jump. From left to right: Avery Strickland, Neal "Doc" Riley, Dana Bowman, Nancy De Santis, Rick Iannucci, Brian Johnson, Sterling Bucholz, Patricia Warwick, Pete Comstock, Andrew Brandi.
Note: Cowboy Up! participants are also Purple Heart recipients.

SFC Dana Bowman and Cowboy Up! director Nancy De Santis get a "leg up" following his "Beyond Strong" presentation to the NM National Guard.