Jun 27, 2010

Kristy & Lacey Reunited

Lacey arrived safe and sound on Friday Night all because of this fine man here, Mr. Kevin Holland.

Kevin took excellent care of transporting Lacey along with this mare and foal just before heading to Utah that afternoon. He is the most kind, caring person we are proud to call our friend. If you are looking for professional service to transport your horses, Kevin is your man - just contact us and we will put you in touch with him!

Lacey having breakfast just before ma'ma arrives to see her.

Kristy was nervous Lacey wouldn't remember her, but her mind was put at ease when Lacey bowed her head to accept a kiss like she always had, while Kristy's grandchildren look on.

Here Kristy is signing Lacey's name to her grandson who attends Santa Fe School for the Deaf...

"Comrades in arms" ~ Rick and Kristy as they take some time to walk Lacey up to say goodbye to her traveling partners.

Today we transported Lacey to her new home on the Rio Grande...

Lacey having a good roll while she awaits her ma'ma...

Reunited once again, the end to a wonderful beginning!

Welcome home!