Dec 5, 2009

Eye On New Mexico Airs Tomorrow - Sunday 8 a.m. Dec. 6th

Tune in to KOB TV Channel 4 NBC Eye on New Mexico with Nicole Brady and Stuart Dyson as they talk with Sgt. Brandi about his book The Warrior's Guide To Insanity.

Written for the Warrior, The Warrior’s Guide teaches the causes and effects of combat trauma, and offers solutions to dealing with the experiences of war in ways that make our veterans stronger and more productive citizens. The Warrior's Guide To Insanity is not only beneficial for our veterens, their parents, spouses, children and loved ones of our Heroes this book is a necessary read for all citizens who want to understand what our military are and will be dealing with when they return from their military action overseas. By understanding the Warrior Mind, all are helped in the healing process.