May 7, 2016

Bonanza Creek

Bonanza Creek
May 7th, 2016
(captions on top of photo)

All gathered up and ready to go...
 Rick, 'Roper', Bianca and 'Junior' sort mommas from babies.
Lots of elements to this operation, every man afoot has a job.
 Joe and 'T4' begin roping calves.
Nice roping Joe!
 BC Ranch Manager coaches on how to flank.
Rick and 'Roper' rope another!
 Hot iron branding - it's the law in NM.
Cowboy Up! Pit Crew ~ Flanking, holding and marking.
  "Guess there's no use fighting it..."
Look at all that goes on!
 Team Cowboy Up!
Lots going on at once during a branding!
 After mommas are joined up with their calves we gather...
...and put 'em back on pasture.
Thanks for the help all!
Stellar Day!

Mar 27, 2016

Easter Greetings

Mar 10, 2016

Staff Sergeant Joel Tavera Cowboys Up!

We had Staff Sergeant Joel Tavera out kicking off the season this week
~ an incredible time was had by all!
It all began Saturday night after arriving at the airport we headed over to our dear friends Jeff and Annie Lowdermilk (Jeff Lowdermilk author of Honoring the Doughboys) for a fun evening among friends.

Left to right: Alroy Billiman, Nancy De Santis, General Andy Salas (NM National Guard Adjutant General, Joel Tavera, Helen Patton (General George Patton's grand daughter), General Juan Griego NM National Guard Commanding, Rick Iannucci and Jose Tavera.

First day at the ranch...
 A Sunday gathering of gratitude with beautiful music played by Holly...

... and her apprentice Alroy!

 A bite to eat before heading into town for Jeff's lecture with 
Helen Patton at the Museum of Natural History.

Dinner at Maria's for some authentic New Mexican cuisine.
Crew left to right: SSgt. Holly Bayly, SSgt. Joel Tavera, Joe Tavera, 
 Sgt. Alroy Billman, Rick Iannucci, Nancy De Santis...

... and a visit to see our good bud Leroy Petry's statue
 in downtown Santa Fe "Home Town Hero".

Monday we started with our Cowboy Up! Yoga...

... a great way to start our mornings before we ride!

The following photos are courtesy of  our dear friend
and photographer Shawn Murphy...

Nancy presents a special gift from
Kathy and Dave Hachlica of Lazy K Corral.

When Dave heard Joel would be spending the week with us he
custom-made this side pull and reins just for him; note the concho
~ Thank you both!

Cowboy Up! Instructor Alroy Billiman saddles up "Knight"...

...while Joel and his father (former USMC) get to know 
their horses "Junior" and "Roper".

One of many moments.

Cowboy Up! Instructor Eric Yorty finishes saddling details with Jose.

Heading to the arena...

... and in the saddle...


All hands were on deck...
Left to right: Eric, Bianca and 'Jack', Alroy and 'Knight', Nancy, 
Jose and 'Roper', Joel and 'Junior', Andrew, Joe and Rick

Father and son.

After learning how to walk, stop,and turn,
Joel even got 'Junior' trotting ~ what a team those two!
Joel is hands-on throughout the whole process; here 
Joe and Andrew work with Joel unsaddling...

...while pop looks on.

 Great smile! Great day!
Just incredible ~ thank you for all the many blessings!
Special thanks to Brian Ray for preparing this feast,
and all who made today possible!

We will be adding more to this post, so stay tuned...

Feb 17, 2016

February 2016

 Exercising the boys...

 Bianca and "Roper" pony "Hollywood"...

 ... "Holly" doesn't seem to like being second...

 ... but he enjoys taking a picture with pretty Bianca!

February 13th, 2016
 Welcome 1SG Manzanares from the CO National Guard,
we are pleased to have you on board!

 Debbie and "Roper" drilling.

Then a visit from Lieutenant Colonel Brian Ray, USA, Ret. and his brother Brett...
Left to right: Debbie, Brett, Brian, and Nancy 

Ahhh, good times!

Feb 2, 2016

R & R for the Major

This weekend brought the return of our Cowboy Up! yoga instructor
former US Army Maj. John Wojtowicz ~
A little R & R (refresh and remember!) for the Major after
a busy week training in CO.
We are already making plans for the upcoming seasons sessions!
Stay tuned.

John and 'T4' with Rick and 'Hollywood'
 Bridge walking builds confidence for horse and rider. 

It's an important skill to learn how to pony another horse, 
skills that come in handy when out on the open range.