Aug 8, 2016

WRCA Rodeo Cimarron

Great Day up at the Working Ranch Cowboy Association
Rodeo in  Cimarron!

Photo by Thomas B.

It was a great time and we want to thank the
Maverick Club for hosting us!!!

Jul 21, 2016

Staple Cross Branding

Staple Cross Branding June 18th, 2016

38, 000 acres of New Mexico heaven.

Inda, taking matters into his own hands.

Rick on "Roper" drags one in for Jodi, Paul and Inda

Sometimes the best cowboy is a cowgirl!

 Rick double hocks a big one, nice!

Moo. Fence line weaning.

Best shot of the day!
Rick, Eric, and Joe; Picture perfect - rope one way and tail the other is 
how you safely get a cow down.

Rick, Trevor and Joe getting another one to the fire.

Of course laying a calf down is a bit harder when
they are that big! Ranch boss, Steve Price on the rope, while
 Trevor and Joe get down to business.

Lots going at any given moment.

Flankin', brandin', and taggin'. Our crew does it all!

I wonder what that cow is thinking???

Say cheeeese boys! Our neighbor Clint Mortenson drags one in.

Watch out boys, there's a new cowgirl in town!

 Team Heroes ~ Staple Cross June 18th, 2016
L to R: Joe Riggs, Trevor Bos, Paul Duran, Inda Tolepete, Sara Jacobsen, Eric Yorty, Rick Iannucci, Jodi Brommer, Gene Brommer.

 *** *** *** *** *** ***

Don't forget this year's Day of the Cowboy concert!

Come on out and enjoy some great artists from The Western Music Association's at their benefit concert in support of Horses For Heroes Cowboy Up! 
Click poster to enlarge:

 Hope to see ya there!

Jun 1, 2016

May is for Remembering

A month of remembering

Marines~ Chris and Troy's visit

Our days start with Cowboy yoga - to soften and strengthen the mind and body
in preparation of riding.

 Understanding each others boundaries is essential... building a strong partnership. Round Pen work on Day I assists in establishing that.

 Though both Chris and Troy hold a training wand... 

 ...notice they do not employ it.

 After lunch brings us to mounted work...

 ...establishing a foundation of solid riding skills.

 Tacking  up for our second day of instruction.

 One-on-one work allows for focused attention to hone individual skills.

After days three and four of building our riding skills we are ready 
for a ride outside the arena on our place to allow our Marines to put everything together.

 Left to right: Nancy, Chris, Troy and Joe.

Porch time...camaraderie and coffee.

 Saddled up and movin' out for another great day of training!

Always reviewing what has been learned...
... and building and progressing as we go.
 Galloping into greatness! That's how these Marines roll!

 Left to Right: Rick, Troy, Brian on ground, Troy and Eric. Veterans helping veterans!

 Great session all, and look here, Chris manuvering the gate!
Ending on another high note ~ well done!!

Mealtime, bringing greatness to gratefulness!
~ Thanks Brian for the meal!

Well, Chris had to head back home so off to the airport we went.
The cool thing is we were honored at WAKA Kickball Tournament;
A great community of folks having fun while raising money for charities.
(click image to enlarge)
We were truly honored that y'all chose us ~ thanks again
for all your support!

Troy was able to squeeze in a couple more days, so we
had some fun bareback riding, getting a real feel for our horse.

 Combining challenge with chores; Checking fence line at Staple Cross Ranch...

 What a way to end your stay!

The Spirit Stick. 
On the west wall of our Warrior Bunkhouse we have the Gold Star Memorial for our Fallen OIF -OEF Warriors from New Mexico. Now, on the hill just east of the Bunkhouse, Chris, Troy and Rick put up our "Spirit Stick" in honor and remembrance of the Fallen Heroes who were brothers in arms with those who are staying here with us for the program. On the red, white and blue "battle streamers" are written the names of those who paid the ultimate price, brothers in battle from across the country who will never be forgotten. Among those are LT. Mike McGreevey US Navy SEAL Team 10, Operation Red Wings~ Afghanistan, who Rick worked with when Mike commanded SEAL TEAM 8 Echo Platoon; the Marine warriors from the 3/6 Marines who Chris served with in Marjah, Afghanistan and the Marines who Troy served with in Iraq's "Triangle of Death" 
" Greater love has no one than this: that he lay down his life for his friends." John 15:13  

May 7, 2016

Bonanza Creek

Bonanza Creek
May 7th, 2016
(captions on top of photo)

All gathered up and ready to go...
 Rick, 'Roper', Bianca and 'Junior' sort mommas from babies.
Lots of elements to this operation, every man afoot has a job.
 Joe and 'T4' begin roping calves.
Nice roping Joe!
 BC Ranch Manager coaches on how to flank.
Rick and 'Roper' rope another!
 Hot iron branding - it's the law in NM.
Cowboy Up! Pit Crew ~ Flanking, holding and marking.
  "Guess there's no use fighting it..."
Look at all that goes on!
 Team Cowboy Up!
Lots going on at once during a branding!
 After mommas are joined up with their calves we gather...
...and put 'em back on pasture.
Thanks for the help all!
Stellar Day!